Extension of the EDAG Test Track Network

Due to the growing complexity of vehicles, the requirements for testing facilities for vehicles are continuously increasing. EDAG offers its customers a complete package for the realization of both NCAP and legal requirements, from test preparation, execution and post-processing. "As a result of the cooperation, we can carry out both car-to-car testing and car-to-pedestrian/cyclist/powered two-wheeler testing for our customer base. In this way, we take into account all relevant road users," says  Fabian Epple, Sales Manager at EDAG, Böblingen.

The TRIWO test tracks include the largest and most up-to-date wet handling course in Europe and state-of-the-art workshop equipment.

Matthias Gaubatz emphasizes: "The cooperation enables us to offer our customers a wide range of testing technology in the areas of active safety, robotics and measuring technology, complete vehicle validation, and chassis and vehicle dynamics. For the European market, international startups in particular need an experienced partner. With our know-how, hardware and software, measuring technology and the ideal test track operator, we have an outstanding position in the market here."