Increase sales revenues in Sweden

New company ranking shows EDAG Engineering Scandinavia in top position

EDAG Engineering Scandinavia, a subsidiary of the EDAG Group, continues to grow successfully. In 2022, sales increased by 93 percent. According to the new independent ranking „Konsultkollen 2023“ by Cinode, no other Swedish consulting firm in the field of technology is growing at a comparable rate.

Every year, Cinode's experts rate the performance of all consulting firms with at least 15 employees nationwide. They take the figures for this from the respective annual reports. Almost 300 annual reports have been evaluated for the current ranking. The average revenue growth of all Swedish consulting firms this time is 16.7 percent, and the figures in the industry as a whole are at an all-time high. At 93 percent, EDAG Engineering Scandinavia, like a quarter of the market participants, belongs to the "Superväxarna" - the top league by comparison when it comes to sales growth. If the IT area is added to engineering, EDAG Engineering Scandinavia ranks ninth as a consulting firm.

"Our sales growth in Sweden is based on successfully selling our services locally and completing our projects competently. We combine the know-how and solutions of the entire EDAG Group to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible way at all times," explains Jakob Hjelmåker, Chief Executive Officer at EDAG Engineering Scandinavia.

Great Place To Work

An additional success: EDAG Engineering Scandinavia, with its two locations in Gothenburg and Stockholm, has recently been classified as a Great Place To Work. This award recognizes the management's strong commitment to creating an open and supportive work environment for all. Everyone can continuously develop their expertise - within the individual teams and across the entire EDAG Group.

"We are very pleased to receive the Great Place To Work award and continue to strive for the best possible working environment. We are also looking for new employees in all disciplines at both Swedish locations. This sets the course for even greater sales growth," adds Jakob Hjelmåker.